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Description of the Book:

Love, Hope and Despair shows the myriad shades of life. Life constitutes of many, many things and everyone's experience of it is different. There are challenges; emotional, physical, psychological and how a person takes on them everyday forms the basis of life. For all those who feel a little too much, this poetry bunch will come as a breath of fresh air. Poems like these serve as a gentle reminder that the complexities and the thoughts evoked in the mind need to be talked about. This book not only gives us a window into the mind and heart of the poet but also compels us to explore our own inner world and longings.

Love, Hope & Despair

  • Author's Name: Tehmina Safia Kadri
    About the Author: Tehmina Safia Kadri is a dreamer, staunch believer of destiny, thinker and an overtly imaginative human. She is a true blue cancerian emotional, sensitive and intuitive, writing about everything that stirs her internally. She has a Masters in English Literature and is an educator by profession. Currently donning the hat of a full-time new mother to a 6 month old. Outside baby duties, she loves singing and spending money.
    Book ISBN: 9781005256845


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