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From my high school counselor Thor Bergland circa September 2013 In advance, thank you for taking the time to discover slightly what paper and pen can portray of Rachel Wahlert. Honestly, I have to challenge myself in order to explain Rachel Wahlert. I cannot possibly write a letter that would typically represent a standard letter of recommendation. If I was to do this you might miss the essence of Rachel and her fascination to learn and challenge. Rachel is one of those spirits that come by from time to time with a raw, genuine nature. She opened up the philosophical wavelengths and challenged me both professionally and personally. Rachel has this mind of intrigue and curiosity that far exceeds most her age. She has far exceeded my level of knowledge in collegiate opportunities. She has researched beyond my knowledge for opportunities to benefit, explore, and expand her knowledge, her comfort, and her future endeavors. My job as an academic counselor to Rachel was needless. What I needed was her fascination to explore the unknown possibilities. I needed her assistance and her intrigue to make something happen in our school out of nothing. You see, Rachel has a way of pushing your limits because she politely demands more. In ten years of counseling At-Risk students you may see why she is a fresh challenge, a visionary. Together we have had several life impacting conversations that push the limits of comfort. There is something special about the way Rachel thinks. Her fast paced brain tends to excel past all the possible outcomes, but you can visibly see her emotion get in the way of her conclusions, creating a juxtapose position; a whole new outlook at the very same conversation that was once concluded, but really had just started to take off again. The beauty about Rachel is that she is open and that she is intrigued with possibilities. There has been times when I cannot help but to be frustrated with her insights. Even for being a philosopher beyond her years she has a precious childlike innocence to her quests and discoveries. She is truly unique and fresh as an opportunistic student. These are the attributes Austin High and our community will miss about Rachel Wahlert. I could list the 14 organizations, clubs, teams that desperately needed her volunteer efforts or the laundry list of accolades she has procured through her #1 ranking academically, but it would take away from her spirit. Rachel Wahlert is a person you want to invest in. Her family is devoted to the same values and principles as Rachel. They have supported Rachel openly, lovingly, and with integrity to do her best. Her family has given her opportunities to become exposed to several different cultures and worldly experiences. I believe these opportunities have shaped the eager, curious, and fleeting mind of Rachel. Rachel is ethically sound; she has a deep passion for work ethic, and yearns to know more. She is a perfect fit at your University, no matter where she ends up. She is one student that will make an impact for your campus. I highly recommend Rachel Wahlert because she is simply sophisticated and she makes you wonder. Thank You, Thor Bergland Student Support Liaison, Give & Take 5/SAFE (Students Advocating for Friendly Environments) Advisor Austin High School


SKU: 9781005972813
  • Author Name : Rachel Wahlert
    About the Author :  I am daughter I am transient I am Chinese I am Minnesotan I am from the hog farms in Iowa I am from the lost farms in Toisan I am listening, living, dancing, singing speaking, creating, changing I am Munkin I am Liang Nui I am the granddaughter of dirt floors I am mixed, stirred, boiled, bubbled, and trouble(d) I am an elixir I am the colonized and the colonizer I am “Call me when you need me” I am crying out for you I am crying silently for me I am
    Book ISBN : 9781005972813


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