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We live in a world where no one knows the other person truly, we claim to, but we don't ! Among this chaos we find a person as comforting as the terrace room of our homes. We call it love. But do we always get to live in the home and stay in the room that we love? I guess that is what it is called Luck. Loving someone can be our choice completely but getting to have them love you back isn't ! It's all about "Dumb luck". But loving someone without expecting back the same is what makes us realise what love is... We experience the most tragic yet beautiful feelings with our "human homes". Sometimes love is all about realising that not having them will still not make you unlove them and may be getting to love them was all about "dumb luck" at first place. So let's appreciate our dumb lucks through words woven into verse...

Love: Dumb Luck

SKU: 9789360946098
  • Author's Name: Palak Tripathi

    About the Author: I am a teenager with a barrel of feelings secured in my heart. I love writing poems as for me it is the best way of expressing my feelings in a simple yet beautiful manner. I write mostly about love, lesson, heartbreaks and self.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946098
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