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Description of the Book:

Dear reader,

Firstly,thank you for landing to this page. How you feel love or what it means to you,is unknown to me, frankly.But I truly believe that poetry has the potential to make you feel things which you would not feel otherwise.So this is the short collection of poems that captures the conversation about love between two people.Where this conversation leads? For that you will have to read the book to find out for yourself.Just to mention,this book is affordable ,easy to carry and a quick read.Also,its perfect to gift to your loved ones anytime anyday.I hope 'Love Bites over bots' helps you discern love as it is.

With love
Your poet,
Karishma Ruparelia

Love Bites over Bots

  • Author Name: Karishma Ruparelia
    About the Author: Karishma Ruparelia is a student of life who believes that poetry is a great means of learning about life.She has published her poem in an anthology named Amdavad Unbound, also she took up #100dayswritingchallenge on @elevationdiaries, her page where she scribbles anything and everything that interests her. Along with that she has published her quotes in the book called Enchanted : Creating magic through quotes by Inked stories. Karishma likes to try new things and have new experiences in life. She is unsure if she is good at writing or not but she feels most at home when she is writing.So she writes her heart out. But writing her bio is difficult of all for her.
    Book ISBN: 9782151570540


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