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Description of the Book:


Mom , mother , Maa , Amma , Mumma , Mummy ! soo many words yet one single emotion. For me this has been my SOS all my life. Whenever life would hit me with more than I could tackle I would call up my mom and ask for help. Naturally so , when I became a recent mother , I had to take up all the help I could from the OG mother of all times. She is probably the best and the most honest adviser for me.

I would often tell her , how nice had it been if You would give me a preface of what lies ahead in life, cause growing up facing all these life crisis make me alarmed and unprepared every time. To this she would quote " NO ONE TOLD YOU LIFE WAS GONNA BE THIS WAY ( you sure do know where I am going with this) " . Until one day , when she jokes and said " you should write an instruction manual for your daughter on life and growing up" and well , needless to say I took her advice seriously.

So this book more than anything , is an instruction manual on adulting and mostly on navigating your own path in the world full of already written stories. Within a series of poems I have tried to curate recipes of navigating life through the blues. I truly hope that this book helps you seek comfort on days when you feel like all is lost , and there wont be a better tomorrow.

Love Always , amma

SKU: 9789360946722
  • Author's Name: Akanksha Choubey

    About the Author: Hello ! This is Akanksha, your author . An MBA graduate by education , with her toes dipped in the social work sector , a new mom with all her hair pulled apart by toddler But most importantly an amateur writer , who overthinks every single topic and makes the best of an article out of it and someone who has won her best arguments in life by writing things down. This book is my answer to everyone who has ever asked me to write something . If you are remotely a person who writes better than they talk and loves to ponder on random topic , I am sure you will have a delightful time reading this. All my love to the readers & I hope I take you on a journey worthy of your time.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946722
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