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Description of the Book:

There have been multiple times, when all I could feel, all I could think really was how lost I felt. There was every beat that was telling me I’m going to stay lost, with no destination, stuck and I wouldn’t be able to move forward. And on multiple occasions that happened, I did find my way, slowly, very difficultly but I did. So no this isn’t the book which will tell you how to search for yourself, nor will it teach you life lessons, because how could I when I’m still learning. But instead it’ll reassure you, that in fact you are not alone. Nobody is. Maybe it’ll give you hope for just a few seconds but that’s merely what I intent to do This book is just my personal diary, just thoughts scattered, words vomited, feelings poured, some happy, some not so. There isn’t a flow in which this book flows, it’s just my diary which I’m giving to you, a friend maybe, to let you know, I’m there with you. That when you’re feeling lost, so am I

Lost? So am I

  • Author Name: Mahek Kanungo
    About the Author: Hey buddy, this is Mahek Kanungo. Genuinely I’m just a seventeen year old teenage girl, who tends to feel too deeply. Writing is the way in which I liberate my self of these feelings which I feel too deeply, positive or negative ones. I first began to write, when I was all alone, fighting with everyone in my life, a very common experience to many, but for me this was the time, I found what I love and what scares me. Ironic right? But this was my way to calm my overwhelmed self. I love to talk, so I’m also a spoken word artist, I love to perform in front of crowds. Bring smiles on their faces at the end of my performance. There isn’t much worth telling because I’m just young, still waiting to experience much more complex things, more complex experiences and emotions and turn them into poetry.
    Book ISBN: 9789332541597


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