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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poems that tackle and accentuate a plethora of emotions that human beings experience at some point in their lives. From love, uncertainties, doubts, depression, positivity, heartbreaks to contemplation, it helps the readers perform the necessary catharsis of their pentup emotions. These poems give voice to those suppressed thoughts that one fails to express otherwise.

Lost & Found

  • Author Name: Samridhi Bhardwaj
    About the Author: Samridhi Bhardwaj is a 21yearold passionate writer who considers a pen to be her childhood friend. What she cannot express verbally, is expressed through her powerful words. She has done her graduation in English Literature from the prestigious University of Delhi and is currently pursuing her Master's In English Literature from the same University. She has won numerous debates and declamation contests at the National, State, and district levels. Her vivid imagination, use of impactful metaphors and similes makes her writings extremely intense. She has a knack for giving a profound shape to her deepest emotions and thoughts through alluring yet simple words.
    Book ISBN: 9788595830905


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