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Description of the Book:


The poems in this book are divided into two parts. The first part contains poems of despair and filth, and the second part contains poems of hope and resilience. The poems in the first part are nothing more than cries of lunacy and absolute despondence. If you find yourself relating to anything written in the first part, seek help. Seek psychological help immediately.

Cover designed by Anisha Sutradhar.

Lost and Found

SKU: 9789363315884
  • Author's Name: Dia .

    About the Author: Dia is a Financial Journalist with an itch to find truth and meaning in everything. She firmly believes in the transformative power of words and has a penchant for manipulating them to create powerful and impactful content. A proud dog mother, Dia loves travelling and exploring the country with her little girl. Her motto in life is always to follow "the word" rather than "the norm."
    Book ISBN: 9789363315884
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