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Description of the Book:

Caught in expectations, dreams are always at stake. Life, sometimes a mess, sometimes a flower, engages us. The best use of it would be to use it instead of wasting it. Both time and life are precious.

The circles of life never fail to give tough time. To rise is an aim but even if it is not achieved, it’s not a failure. Seeking for help and helping when others need us is humanity. This book helps to relate with similar emotions.

A perspective to life where complaints remain but so do solutions.

Live while alive

  • Author Name: Surbhi Shah
    About the Author: Surbhi is a graduate currently pursuing Chartered Accountancy. She has tried her hands on stage, performing poetries and storytelling and now she wants to experience the globe by travelling while at work. Being attracted to travel, discovering and indulging in new activities is her thing. She likes to cast her spell through words. Her poems make her presence lively. Her material life restricts to books and travel while her other things consists of yoga, sleep, books again and some thinking. She likes being alone as that's the only time she can be herself. Preparing for her perfect dream life, she aims at trying all the possible avenues that come in hand. (P.s. She knows perfection is a myth still she wants to go for it because some myths are worth believing) She believes in living life with mistakes, regrets, learnings and all of that. Feel free to explore some other works of the poetess or to contact her on instagram @Sukoon_utters or mail at
    Book ISBN: 9783795632878


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