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Description of the Book:

If you are looking for a moment to reflect upon your life If you just want to feel good and have positive vibes If you want to read something short and meaningful Then grab our “Little Happy Notes” book And read on Little Happy Notes brings you short life lessons that can help you ponder and reflect on different life values and ideas. Topics include mindfulness, finding purpose, friendship, self-care, and happiness. Sometimes we just need a simple book to help us take time to think, re-evaluate and re-prioritize what is important to us. This book will help get you started. So take this moment to read, pause, and reflect.

Little Happy Notes

  • Author's Name: Sana Vang
    About the Author: Sana Vang is a Hmong American writer. She wishes to bring joy to others through her writings. In her recent book, titled "Little Happy Notes", she shares readers insights into important life lessons that she learned from her friends and mentors. She has a Masters degree in International and Intercultural Communications from American University in D.C. Aside from being a writer and blogger, she works for youth development, international education, and foreign assistance programs. She is a traveler, matcha ice cream lover, and is a Bollywood and Korean drama enthusiast.


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