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Description of the Book:

Isn’t everyone of us fighting battles everyday? Too often we don’t find the words how to describe what’s going on. We have troubles naming our feelings or finding the right words to describe and express what’s inside us. Sometimes you read something and you’re like ‘that’s exactly how I feel’ and it’s the best feeling ever. Hopefully we all have these moments. And isn’t it amazing to know that you have the power to make people feel understood, have the power to offer people a way to find words? Maybe you find some words in here that will make you feel understood and maybe help to find the right words (for you).

Listening to my Soul : Because I deserve it

  • Author's Name: Steffi Haber
    About the Author: Writing is art. Art is what makes people feel understood. Writing is my way of showing myself that I’m listening to all the voices inside me that make me the person I am. I hear them all and I respect them. And it’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself. That is what writing means to me. Respecting myself as I am.
    Book ISBN: 9780463692288


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