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Description of the Book:


A variety of poems about different topics, mostly about nature and our beautiful world which is full of secrets and undiscovered exploration. This makes Earth a wonderful place to explore so take a peek into this book and see the wonders of our planet come alive as you turn the cover.

Lines with Love

SKU: 9789360943462
  • Author's Name: Aadya Kaushik

    About the Author: I’m Aadya.I am 8 and I live in Gurgaon.Me and my family got transferred to India when I was 7.Dubai was my home for 6 years so I’m new here and I got a new school and house.This is my first time trying to write poems nonstop for 21 days.I love to explore nature and the world.The curiosity that is inside me comes from books.I am a book lover.I find out facts about the world by asking big questions, reading and researching.It inspires me to go on further to explore science and nature.I hope you enjoy ‘Lines with love’ Aadya
    Book ISBN: 9789360943462
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