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Description of the Book:


Liminal Illumination: A Short Book of Intentional Poetry is intended to plant seeds. It seeks to make you feel, think for yourself, and lean into discomfort that comes your way. You're invited to consider that all of life, everything that happens, is a gift, is a lesson. There is not a thing that happens that is not supposed to happen and all things are connected because in the simplest way, everything is energy and we're each here to connect back to source, all energy recycles. It can be beautiful, a disaster, sometimes both. This collection of poems was created with progress in mind.

Liminal Illumination : A Short Book of Intentional Poetry

  • Author's Name: Ariel E. Monroe
    About the Author: Ariel E. Monroe, LMT, RMT, is a globetrotting Holistic Healing Artist, a Poet, a Law of Attraction Coach, as well as an Ordained Minister from Southern New Jersey. She has a manner that's contagious, a quick wit, and a track record for making her company feel at ease. Ariel is dedicated to lifelong learning and shifting social norms as there's no change without change. She studied Sociology and Theater at Rutgers University, New Brunswick; studied massage at Cortiva Institute in King of Prussia, PA., and has completed a plethora Continuing Education Units on cruise ships in the Caribbean with Just This Side of Heaven Massage as well as in person and online to maintain licensure and for breadth of awareness. Ariel participated in Tony Robbins' New World New You Challenge in Nov 2020 that helped her create daily habit changes to reframe her mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual outlook. She took Dr. Martin Seligman's Positive Psychology Certificate Course from The University of Pennsylvania online then created a 21 Day Law of Attraction series on YouTube called Ariel's Positive Approach - It Works! When not working, Ariel enjoys traveling internationally, hiking, going to the beach, museums, photographing and eating amazing foods as she goes. She frequently walks wherever the road looks interesting.
    Book ISBN: 9781005580155


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