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Description of the Book:

LIGHTS FROM A MISTY MIND is a collection of poetries. This book with different kinds of easily relatable and readable poetries contains the poet's perspectives and views about the world. In this book the poet has attempted her emotions with respect to social issues, discriminations, dreams, desires, failures, inner emotions and some more. Essentially it is a representation of the emotions that we all feel. This book is an attempt to express both tears and smile of the inner self. If you want to find a good time then look into "Lights from a misty mind".

Lights From A Misty Mind

  • Author Name: Malavika Balasubramanian
    About the Author: Malavika is an undergraduate student of English Literature. She grew up in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India.This is her first time she seeks representation for her collection of poetries as a published one. Apart from poesy she has a knack for painting and artwork creations. It was in her 9th grade, she realized her interest lies in writing. Later she developed her ability of composing poems.


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