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Description of the Book :


The "lights and thoughts" is an attempt to depict a series of fictitious interpretation on various thoughts and feelings in a lifetime. It would make everyone feel what poet felt while writing it. This collection of poetry reflects on thoughts, dreams and some imaginary aspects of our impressions. This is an enchanting poetry book filled with magics of intellection. The raw poems embrace life and it's aspects and the beauty beyond our conscious mind.

Lights and Thoughts

  • Author's Name :  Nathania
    About the Author :  Nathania was born on June 1997, in southern most part of India. Growing up she always wanted to touch peoples soul through her words. Though she used to write a lot of short stories and poems, she decided to follow her passion after graduation and wanted to inspire more people, to express her thoughts and views through her books. Eventhough she is an excellent artist and an expert in writing poems she always focused on writing stories in her native language. She used to post her works in public blogs in her spare times.
    Book ISBN :  9781005835910
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