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Description of the Book :


This book contains a collection of poetry in multiple styles of writing. Enjoy a little bit of everything from this author’s mind as she explores love, loss, and the mysteries of daily life. From haikus to free verse, these poems share the story of heartbreak leading to love, finding comfort when the world seems like it’s spinning, and discovering that true healing comes from within. Capturing one’s life story through poetry is impossible to do in one book, but these carefully selected works show how much one can endure in only a short period of time.


Light Through the Leaves

  • Author Name : Mary Chiara
    About the Author : Mary Chiara is a young poet residing in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She lives with her husband Matthew and enjoys spending her time reading, horseback riding, hiking, playing with her Border Collie named Jasper, and of course writing. Mary looks forward to publishing more of her work in the future and aims to branch into fiction writing.


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