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Description of the Book :


Light and Shadows is Kelly Walcott’s debut poetry collection that explores themes of mental health and well-being from a mind riddled with anxiety, depression and generational trauma. With raw vulnerability and authenticity, this collection conceptualizes the painful, lonely, yet empowering moments that lead to healing and resiliency for those living with mental illness.

Light and Shadows

  • Author Name : Kelly Walcott
    About the Author :  Kelly Walcott is a certified school psychologist and yoga wellness teacher, working with special needs students in New York City. Kelly is a lifelong mental health advocate and promotes the social and emotional well-being of educators, parents, and children through mind and body wellness practices. She is also an artist who loves to paint and spend time in nature with her fiance and three rescue pets. Follow her on Instagram at @wellnesswithkelly.


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