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Description of the Book:

"What my mind can conceive, what my heart can believe, I can truly achieve!" is a famous quote from Helen Keller.

These 21 poems are a compilation of my little ways of capturing those sentiments of going back to the most cherished times of my life.

Life's Little Treasures

  • Author Name: Candice Midde
    About the Author: I'm a ScentiMentalist a fragrance & flavors expert, bringing in professional experience of 12 years in the FMCG industry, with a strong nose into Sensory & Aromas (connoisseur of perfumes, teas, cheese, wines & chocolates), having a background into creative advertising, socially driven by curiosity on trends in fashion food culture, loves experimenting with ingredients, popular for witty oneliners & poetry on social media, have written blogs and various anthologies soon to release this year, an eloquent orator hosts events, music is my stressbuster to sing & dance along. Overall, I'm constantly seeking inspirations & people insights to ideateinnovateintegrate into my work and personal life keep growing & engaging!
    Book ISBN: 9788904425327


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