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Description of the book:

Life's Little Inspirations is just as it sounds: an anthology of poems about life's little inspirations. It's a collection of poems that stem from the author herself, and the characters of her fiction that live in her mind. Poetry about emotions of the heart, passions and hobbies in life, societal issues and family.

Life's Little Inspirations

SKU: 9789358362176
  • Author Name : Abby Bathurst
    About the Author : Abby Bathurst is a writer based in Essex, England. She is an aspiring novelist, currently completing her degree in Creative Writing with the Open College of the Arts. Alongside her studying, Abby is a journalist and blogger. Her journalism and blog primarily focus on entertainment, lifestyle and work, whilst her fiction covers multiple genres. In her spare time, Abby can be found reading, listening to music, watching movies and TV series, and working out. She is a bookworm, music lover, avid watcher of movies, and a lover of sports, specifically F1 and NFL. Readers can find out more about Abby on her website and blog, WriteWatchWork at


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