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Description of the Book:

The book "Life's 20" is the book for Gen Z( 90s kids) and for Gen alpha(20's kids). It mainly focuses on the problems this generation faces and the author have tried his best to make us understand the problem and helped us in finding solutions which can satisfy us. As we are growing old and the new generations are more different than us. As now our world is facing the pandemic, but the next pandemic is not the virus, its mental health issues. As this generation have mental problems at small age, author have tried his best to bring out the mental health issues, problems, realisation and solutions. This book is author's first compiler. And the topics he used in this book, will shape your life with smallest changes in life. The book gives you such 20 topics, which you can resemble with your own life. This book is for all generations, as new generation are facing problems at small age and to guide them we need the older to understand the young ones problem. And author has penned it beautifully.

Life's 20

  • Author's Name: Asish Kumar
    About the Author: Asish Kumar was born and brought in the dollar city of India(ie Tirupur, Tamilnadu). He is passionate about his writings. He started 4 years from now, where his thoughts were poured in a post. As the time moved on, his work paved way to stories, anthologies and quotes. Being the writer, his mind always grooves on music and so do his legs. His taste of music is based on the lyrics of the song. Being friendly in nature, he becomes either people's choice or the topic of the time. Confidence of him can be seen in his reels in his insta account 'Jainashiq'. You can check on his daily quotes which inspires many people on his instagram page 'Ashiquotes'. You can also experience his quotes and the feelings he had while writing it, through his YouTube channel 'Paperoice'


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