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Description of the Book:

You are holding in your hands a collection of poems, that I allowed on paper after many moons of doubt, fear and resentment. Those poems are my gift for myself as much as they are for you, dearest reader! Let them remind you of who you truly are, inside. Let them take you on a journey that goes inwards and yet connects you to your life out into the world! Some are memories and some are pure being. Yet they all, are I - we.

Life of Light: Let your Light Flow and Miracles will Follow

  • Author's Name: Neti Georgieva
    About the Author: As a 33-year-old human, Neti wrote, illustrated and self-published her first poetry collection, Life of light. She breathes sunshine, dabbles in the present, smiles for no reason and sometimes feels the connection with the World while simply crossing the street. Most days you can find her doodling or coaching. Neti’s work is written in the moment, it comes to her as a feeling which she captures and then dresses it in words. Her poems touch on existence, light, love, heart, connection, gratitude and forgiveness. She is utterly surprised she had the audacity to even think of writing poems, let alone publish them! In addition to being a poet, she is also a core energy leadership life coach. She sincerely wishes that all humans will one way or another find their heart paths, and walk them step by step. She is here to help some of them get there. You can find her on Instragram @densetsuful or sign up to her mailing list by going to


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