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Description of the Book:

This collection of poems speak about a transcendental portion of my life where I realised and understood myself, my inner turmoil, my families' struggle, love and this fleeting thought called life. I came out of this phase more matured and with a lot more understanding of how I want to live. Hope you enjoy the read. Hope you relate to it. Hope you relish it.

Life, Love & Loss

SKU: 9782437846741
  • Author's Name: Asraf Ali Sirajudeen
    About the Author: Asraf is a heart on the sleeve, nightowl-ish, recruiter by day - writer by night type of a person. His late father had a huge part to play in his addiction for books and writing. Asraf draws inspiration from either the whims of life and love or from the abyss of thoughts - there is no in-between. 
    Book ISBN: 9782437846741


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