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Description of the Book:

Life & All Its Friends is a compilation of 18 poems by Aarushi Bhaumik, an amateur poet from India. It chronicles the different shades of life, both light and dark, a few couplets at a time. This book is ultimately an exploration of the themes of human emotions, love, heartbreak, inner peace, and much more.

लाइफ एंड ऑल इट्स फ्रेंड्स भारत की एक शौकिया कवयित्री आरुषि भौमिक की 18 कविताओं का संकलन है। यह किताब जीवन के विभिन्न रंग, प्रकाश और अंधेरे, दोनों का वर्णन कुछ दोहो में करता है। यह पुस्तक अंततः मानवीय भावनाओं, प्रेम, दिल टूटने, आंतरिक शांति और बहुत कुछ के विषयों की खोज है।

Life & All Its Friends

  • Author Name: Aarushi Bhaumik
    About the Author: Aarushi Bhaumik is an Indian Blogger, Entrepreneur, and an Aspiring Poet & Author. Qualified as a Homoeopath in India, she found her way towards the creative arts during the pandemic of 2020. After quitting a comfortable job at a medical institute in Mumbai, she decided to pursue content writing fulltime, while honing her creative skills. She enjoys writing about human emotions, cultural beliefs, and inspirational people she meets along the way. In her free time, she loves to travel, read books, listen to music and spend time with her furry babies, Dobby & Phoebe.
    Book ISBN:  9780393502237


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