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Description of the Book :


A phenomenal stew is a combination of nutritious ingredients which make life interesting. Sometimes we overdo ourselves by adding too many spices in our lives. We throw ourselves into challenges that make our tears stream. Sometimes we like the stew to be sweet. We rejoice in moments of victory and self-accomplishment. Sometimes we frown in bitterness that comes with a burnt pot. We become depressed about losses and failures. Sometimes life becomes sour. Too much lemon juice. Regardless, a stew must be given time to brew before we can tell what the flavour will be. Join Arya as we delve into a fun collection of poems which represent various stews in life.

Life: A Phenomenal Stew

  • Author Name : Arya R.
    About the Author : Arya R's favourite form of creative arts is accomplished through pen, ink and paper. Besides writing she enjoys expressing her thoughts through singing, playing a musical instrument, drawing and photoshopping. She would also like the inhabitants of planet earth to know that although her name is spelt A-R-Y-A, in reality it is pronounced as Ah-ree-ya. She thinks that music is an integral part to a reader's experience, and wishes to open a bookstore one day that serves coffee, along with a handsome black cat. She shares her journey as a budding writer on Instagram @aryarangestories.
    Book ISBN : 9781005571726


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