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Description of the Book:


This book is about survival and celebrating  life,  life becomes a lot easier once you stop looking for approvals, this book is about extra ordinary journey of ordinary people, just like you and I, a mediokar employee from some organisation, a simple housewife , a working woman with not so fat pay package, a husband with no handsome package or six abs and the list is long this book is with a message that you need not to be a celebrity to celebrate your life. You are special and you deserve respect love and happiness.

Let Your Emotions Empower You

  • Author's Name: Preeti Bajpai
    About the Author: Born and brought up in lucknow and kanpur, did my and dsm from kanpur then got married and restarted my studies after the gap of 13 years and became a certified counsellor and teacher, worked in schools now and then. Now a full fledged homemaker with a lovely family, this is my first officially published book, although I do keep posting my poem, quotes etc on my instagram account and my face book page
    Book ISBN: 9781005043421


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