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Description of the Book :


A book consisting of 20 poems, 10 in Hindi and 10 in English, that are a reflection of life. From pandemic based ones, to joyful ones, to more sad poems again, the pieces within this book are diverse, just like the lives of the ones reading them. Capturing the essence of the unpredictable emotions that all of us feel over the course of time, this book wants to tell you- you’re not alone. Somewhere, a frustrated writer understands.

Let's Meet Halfway

  • Author's Name :  Summer
    About the Author :  Summer is a young girl of 18 who has always enjoyed immersing herself in the arts. From training in music, to working in theater, to the very poetry this book captures, arts have always been a source of comfort for her. Constantly moving across cities, she carries shades of all these places, along with a best friend in books, like this one, that she grew up reading. Coming out with her first book, she hopes for it to be one of many as she continues on this journey of artistic expression.
    Book ISBN :  9781005850029
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