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Description of the Book:

When life pushes you down, it is you who choose if you want to keep falling or learn to fly. This book shares a roller-coaster of emotions. From love & friendship to a broken heart & the pain of letting go. About what we are, what is poetry, and what is life all about. A ride through the feelings you've known and some you'll know soon. You'll find some motivation to keep you going or poems to comfort you when you feel low. These poems are the writer's heartfelt words to touch your heart. From a daughter's gratitude for her mother to two lovers parting ways. About new days & new opportunities, to one of those nights that leaves your soul open to the universe. With bags of dreams, it'll take you down memory lane. Leaving you to believe in the beauty of poetry.

Let's Fall and Fly

  • Author's Name: Dikshita Jain
    About the Author: Dikshita Jain is a 21 yr aspiring author, born and brought up in Chennai, India. She completed her graduation in BSc computer science from the University of Madras. Reading and dancing are not only her hobbies but adds beauty to her life. She loves writing and holds an interest in animation. she has published her poem in an anthology 'Lily' issued by The write order publishing house. Although she considers herself to be an introvert, she is always ready for an adventure. She has done trekking, camping, and paragliding. Bungee jumping is next on her bucket list. she believes in her said words, "Not trying because of fear of failure is like Not living because of fear of death!" Instagram: @taled_verse
    Book ISBN: 9780463248669


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