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Description of the Book:

We all romanticize our world through the shades of our perspectives. For some, it is all bright and magical and, for some, it is all gloomy and dark. Each viewpoint holds a unique perspective of every situation happening in their life. It is a movie with eternal plots and twists. Some have a good ending and, some don't. However, the best part is that we are all the main characters of our lives.

These poetries will take you through my movie, where you will encounter my plots, twists, love, care, dreams, and goals. Each poetry, every line will make you remember something out of your own beautiful life. This book is mesmerizingly beautiful because it truly explains, not every good in your life is supposed to make you happy.
So, hop on to your favorite reading place. Till then, I will be waiting here for you under the moon beneath the stars.

Let me breathe my euphoria

  • Author Name: Atharv Nimsarkar
    About the Author: Atharv Nimsarkar is an artist, poet, and author. Atharv was born and bred in Nagpur, India. Atharv's pronouns are he/him. He is currently a student at Hampshire College pursuing a degree in liberal arts. Atharv is a professionally trained theater actor and dancer. Atharv loves to explore and learn beyond his unquenchable curiosities. You can connect with Atharv on Instagram: and on LinkedIn:
    Book ISBN: 9784642875226


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