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Description of the Book:

The poems in this book will take you on a journey; a journey of life and death, of gain and loss, of musings and wonderment and some coldhard truths. These works have been forged together from agony, uncertainty and love, may they guide you to the answers you have been looking for.

Leo Murasaki - Resurrection

  • Author Name: Kanika Sharma
    About the Author: "A mystery wrapped in the cocoon of ambiguity, but when she smiles you see the warmth inside" is how Kanika's high school English teacher referred to her as she walked upon the high school graduation ceremony stage. Kanika's life has never been an ordinary one, but then again, whose has? With life's many highs and lows, her poetry is what kept her sane, whether it was struggling through life or struggling to stay alive, her poems helped her through it all, and through this book, she hopes it does the same to you.
    Book ISBN: 9782360535347


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