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Nothing would make more sense right now besides quoting WILLIAM BLAKE , " To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower , hold infinity in the plam of your hand and eternity in an hour . " At this split - second , the author is all vibing with her typical freshman life where she sits across the glass window , scrutinizes the tiniest detail and pours her heart out in the content that you are going to witness when you turn the pages . She believes that realistically, not everything you read there will make sense to you and sometimes neither it does to her . It's the melancholy and the chipperness which forces her to take up her pen . She desires that somewhere in those 15 trials of her you find even a chunk that makes you giggle , hits you with memories , allows you to relate yourself or find even the slightest tranquility possible . For her , its her free-verse poems that does the work of story telling or a limerick sometimes which anyhow is a scape for her to the customized ' la la land ' . She gives all her gratitude to those who are investing their inestimable time to decipher or even go through her foremost accomplishment of life.

Legitimate truce melody

  • Author Name: Shalvi Mishra
    About the Author: A bookaholic vagabond by day and a die hard binge watcher by night, she received her schooling from her hometown itself and is currently pursuing Bachelors in journalism and mass communication from GGSIPU. A UP novice , abnormally lover of stillitoes , wild parties and Italian cuisine and works spectacularly satisfying under pressure while multitasking . She was born in in GKP and has lived most of her life there itself.what makes her jump like a kid with a lollipop? Swaying around and hitting the dance floor , rolling and falling on the grass while she plays football , mimicking the people of her life and hanging out with her buddies who are combination of dramatics and idiots . While schooling, she'd grown up being creative and crazy about scribbling, be it a free verse, her own anchoring scripts or a personal essays that usually every reader relates to . She's always been inclined towards mixed or Plural genre that include literary fiction, rom-coms , thriller and supernaturals. Being fanatic about movies and TV series , Shalvi picks up words of wisdom from everything she watches , but right now she just has one in her mind and wishes that you might be visualizing when you are reading it . It's when WILL SMITH in the " The pursuit of happyness " left us all sobbing and elated at the same time - " This part of my life ... This part right here ? This is called "happyness".


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