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Description of the Book:


Let's go on a journey of exploring different expressions of a lonely heart. Feelings are always messy and unique, but sometimes we read something only to realise someone else relates to our own just fine. This book is just a short collection of such poems that depict some of the silly expressions of the author's heart! What this book will not teach you- •How to get over loneliness. You are only supposed to read it and feel, relate, smile, move on to the next book! What this book will hopefully teach you- •Express. No matter what you are feeling, express those to someone or to at least paper. Write down your every feeling and you'll realise how lighter your heart can feel!

Learnings of Loneliness

  • Author's Name: Rachana Sapre
    About the Author: Rachana is a girl who is trying to keep her hobby as she juggles through the job, family and her treatments! She is hopeful of the future and yearns for the acceptance all along.
    Book ISBN: 9781005080228


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