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Description of the Book:

Le Petit Livre de Rêves (The Little Book of Dreams) explores the concept of dreaming through poetry. From imaginary images that flood our minds in the night, to our goals and aspirations for the future, a dream is almost as unique as a human fingerprint. Among the pages of this book lies all kinds of dreams. Some long forgotten, others beginning to bloom and many waiting to be discovered.

Le Petit Livre de Rêves

  • Author's Name: Madeleine Hornsby
    About the Author: Madeleine Hornsby is a 20-year-old author and performer from Queensland, Australia. Creative by nature, Madeleine has always had a passion for the arts. In her senior year of high school, she was fortunate enough to study creative writing at Oxford University, during a two-week residential summer school. It was here that she fostered her love of literature. During her schooling, Madeleine participated in dancing, singing, drama, visual arts, and instrumental lessons, gaining many exam qualifications, as well as an ATCL Diploma in Communications from Trinity College London, at 17. She is also a lover of musical theatre, having performed in 18 musicals from the age of 9 onwards. A citizen of the world, Madeleine loves to travel and calls multiple countries home. Her writing is often inspired by places she’s been and people she’s met while overseas. Currently, Madeleine is studying classical and opera singing at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, as well as acting and modelling in her spare time. Le Petit Livre de Rêves is Madeleine’s second publication, following the release of Melody & Memory: A Poetic Exploration of Existence, in June 2021. Madeleine invites you to follow her creative journey on Instagram @madeleine_hornsby.


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