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Description of the book:

The book will help you relate connect to yourself. Because all those written poems are out of daily experiences & emotions which i am sure everyone's grows through. So would love to see you people smile, blush, wink at a line or sentence relating it to yourself. For me its a process to connect to emotions, because emotions are the only thing that we all have in common irrespective of any differences. The name of book simply means desire in French. Desire to grow, desire to love, desire to to live.

Le Désir

  • Author Name: Dr Vinay G S 
    About the Author: Dentist my profession, writer by hobby. Live & let live or just leave is my mantra. Big believer in karma, do good things, peace & love. Just a beginner in writing up & always remeber, Zindagi aise hi kabhi ussi mode pe aa jati hai, jaha se kabhi shuru hui thi, firse ek naye shurvat k liye. So its never late or the end of anything.


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