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Description of the Book :


We seek an outlet for our raging emotions and "Layers" came by when these emotions stumbled upon pieces of paper. The words started falling like raindrops and stained the sheets with emotions. It has been a journey full of contradictory feelings, one that will now travel to your doorstep.


  • Author's Name :  Sharon Philip
    About the Author :  A wizard in her own realm, Sharon Philip is a poet and a bibliophile, and a half-talented data analyst. She is a sucker for romance and loves all things fiction. When she isn't engrossed in words, she is probably procrastinating, or kissing her husband's chubby face red. She has a flair for being super clumsy and being embarrassingly hyperactive on social media. She currently lives in Nagpur with her husband. You can find her on Instagram @sherryspeaks or @messofamillionwords
    Book ISBN :  9781005726539
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