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Description of the Book:


This poetry collection is a reflection of the beautiful chaos of life. The selected poems document my battle with mental health, grief, first loves and broken hearts. I hope you will laugh, gasp, cry, and feel a little less alone in your struggles while reading. Being alive is a wonderful experiment and I wouldn't change any of the mistakes I made for the lessons I've learned.

Lavender Lines: broken petals and fresh buds

SKU: 9789360941079
  • Author's Name: Rachel Kiskaddon

    About the Author: Rachel Kiskaddon is a writer, artist, and educator who lives in the US. Her poetry has been published in anthologies by Moonstone Arts Center and Poet’s Choice. Rachel’s writing focuses on relationships, sexuality, mental health, injustice, and women’s experiences. When she is not writing or working, she enjoys a cup of coffee with a book, tending to her plants, and hanging with her husband. To learn more visit
    Book ISBN: 9789360941079
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