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Description of the Book :


Most of the time, we run out of words to say, and we can't even begin to create pieces until midnight. Late night thoughts is a compilation of poems the author has written during sleepless nights. These are ideas, conclusions, questions, and reflections from the author's observations and experiences throughout her days. And though we live different lives and have different lifestyles, beliefs, and ideas, I welcome you.
Welcome to my space. Welcome to a glimpse of my universe.

Late Night Thinking

  • Author's Name : Demi Ruth Queddeng
    About the Author : The author is a 19-year-old student. She writes as a hobby and would like to share some of her works. Hey, uhm. I don't know what to write about me because I did not see myself as an author or writer as you would call it, but I registered in this challenge to hopefully improve myself and share the pieces I make. I write as an escape to reality and hopefully share these pieces to get out of my comfort zone. Today, I am still working on myself, and I know there is still a lot of room for improvement but hey? I hope you guys like it!
    Book ISBN : 9780382691089
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