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Description of the Book:

Endless travels
before I leap,
Bugs and flies
Blue skies,
Watery shadows
gleaming eyes
warm hugs of coffee in a mug,
Sunset hues
misty clues
Look upon your dusty tries,
timeless travel
Healing chaos
moods closed
Smiles and cause,
Wavy flow
lengthy turn
Affirmations to soul
sing and burn.

Blood and sweat
tear of joy,
This life is a journey,
don't pry.

A journey in thoughts insideout giving a healing in time.
Emotionally estranged yet beautifully sighed.
This book is a memoir of timeless feelings.

Kuch Adhoori Baatein ~A Healing in Time

  • Author Name: Akshita Bajaj
    About the Author: Engineer by wire, writer by passion. Working with automotive industry for past 7 years has driven a sense of compassion in me which comes out more often when I write. Words are the most prolific form of expression and they come naturally to me.
    Book ISBN: 9788531755255


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