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Description of the Book:


This is a book about strength. 

1930s to 2021, over a century of existence, five generations of women and all with their own thoughts. 

We all keep searching for the strength to keep moving forward till the time for rest arrives but most of us do not have our ancestors to guide us. Kikie, is a memoir of a woman with a short life, who became a beacon for the people around her. A woman of old-fashioned times who contributed to the contemporary mindset. 
The journey of Kikie finds admiration of men and women alike; as it shows the journey of the struggling human heart. This book is not about women, it is about the strength of some women—women who lived well. Kikie tells us stories on family, faith, love and above all, our undiscovered strength. 
It is a guiding hand to all of us seeking answers to our unspoken emotions. 



SKU: 9781005489328
  • Author Name: Palak D. Vakil
    About the Author: Palak D. Vakil has been writing poetry since the last eight years and is the writer behind @kaikall_vap. She is an admirer of philosophy and her poems often deal with themes of existentialism and transcendentalism. Palak tackles poetry from a speculative perspective on seemingly innocuous everyday occurrences and behaviour, allowing all of her readers to share their own experiences.
    Book ISBN: 9781005489328


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