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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of poem/verses that are directly from my heart. I started writing when I started realising that I feel about things differently around me and that was something that you will notice in this book as well. It's all relatively nominal and nothing fancy, no big words, just deep meanings.

Khudse Aitbaar

  • Author Name:  Dhvani Rajput
    About the Author: Hi, Dhvani Rajput here... A photographer by love, a writer just by chance.. working fulltime as a graphic designer/Media editor and a traveller by choice and interest. Deep, Longlasting conversations and being hilarious are my thing. Emotionally attached to the universe. Being kind always but standing up for yourself is what I preach. Trying to manifest good things for this whole world. And also....Music is my Life. Hope you love what I wrote. Have faith and Be calm. ?
    Book ISBN: 9782699359263


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