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Description of the Book:


Khayale-Shabd is a book that speaks to your heart. With its soulful shayaris (RIPRI) and witty shers (PR), the book manages to impress the reader in no time. The shayaris oscillate between contrasting themes of love and betrayal, hope and dismay, regret and gratitude. With the subtlest of words, the shayaris in this book, have the ability to draw out the most intense of emotions from the deepest reaches of one's heart. The book is passionate, emotional and intense and this is something that inadvertently, makes it entertaining.


  • Author Name: Saurabh Chaube
    About the Author: Engineering graduate computer science branch and an alumni of CDAC. Software engineer by profession , speaker and writer by passion. Still a toddler in the world of writing. Also apart from writing poetries, codes I love to explore new places and dance out loud. Insta handle : saurabhchboo
    Book ISBN: 9781005460402


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