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Description of the Book :


A collection of poems consisting of keyword poetry in collaboration with others and with personal poems.
Based of the concept of co-creation:
Keyword poetry is in essence an exchange where a person shares the first three words that pop up in their head and from those words a poem is born.
Over the years I gathered a collection from family, friends, acquaintances and strangers.
The other poems are my impressions on life; events, language, people, situations, ideas put into words.
Great for fans of poetry, language, nature and consciousness

Keyword Poetry

SKU: 9789357446907
  • Author's Name : Christian Crochet
    About the Author : "Christian Crochet is a French-Moluccan multidisciplinary artist: poet, photographer, dancer, performer and flow artist based in Amsterdam. Born in Breda, moved to Amsterdam at eighteen where he discovered poetry while studying French literature. His biggest inspiration comes from the modernist writer Virginia Woolf, surrealist André Breton and through the Symbolism of the poet Charles Baudelaire.His work is characterized by a sense of softness often found in nature and a touch of joy and lightness of the mundane.Evocative serenity, uniquely detailed, floral and with a melodic flow of childlike enthusiasm and curiosity."
    Book ISBN : 9783469642974
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