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Description of the book:
Kalpana - Imagine Poetry in Life is a Collection of Feelings, thoughts, wishes, dreams, and experiences. This book of poems is a looking glass into the author's life. These are stories about love, friendship, depression, and the value of life weaved into twenty different poems. The author hopes that the reader finds meaning in the poems and takes away something valuable from the book.


  • Author Name: Shaan
    About the Author: Shaan is the pen name of Shantanu Ghosh, a 21-year-old student of Mass Communication from Delhi, India. A writer here and there on this and that, he often finds writing a helpful way to express himself. A fan of Korean Drama and K-pop, he listens to BTS and binges on Korean Dramas when riddled with anxiety. Shaan is an avid foody, and he deeply cherishes and values his friends and family. If he had to describe life in one word, "Struggle" would be his choice. Connect with the Author Gmail: Instagram: shantanu_ghosh_


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