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Description of the Book:


Kaleidoscope is a poetry collection that flows through the theme, love. Just like the many shades of vibrant colours one finds in a kaleidoscope, love has many forms and hues.

This collection explores the many aspects of love - the romance, the pain, the hope. It celebrates the many ways love manifests itself in us as friendship, intimacy, motherhood, and much more.

Simply put, it’s an ode to that universal feeling called LOVE!

Kaleidoscope - The Many Hues of Love

SKU: 9789360946531
  • Author's Name: Krupa K

    About the Author: Toddler mommy, Author, Poet, Blogger, Designer, Coffee addict, Sucker for romance, CSK fan girl - in that order.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946531
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