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Description of the Book:

Do people ever care for their random feelings or they just forget it?
They should. If they do, they'll find the book is all about the genuine feelings from the author's heart. Yeah! Some of the very common feelings each one has buried within their hearts, struggling to scream out loud and let the burden away.
So, this book will make them dive into their feelings and understand them in the most beautiful way.
This book will be easy going for both English and Hindi readers.


  • Author Name: Rashmi Tomar
    About the Author: Rashmi Tomar currently pursuing dentistry from People's Dental Academy, Bhopal after completing her schooling from Delhi Public School Nigahi hails from Delhi NCR. She has developed great passion for writing since school. This interest got instilled by seeing her mother passionately writing. She believes that writing is the best means to handle our emotions, stress and loneliness.
    Book ISBN:9782657356334


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