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Description of the Book:

Poetry is words from my heart which hopefully resonates with people and fills a void with words of a journey someone has travelled, simply so you never have to feel alone. Captivated by the continual repeated word 'WHY' engaged by emotions flowing and written with pure heart. Can anyone deny expressions from the heart? You tell me... xx

Just... trust it!

  • Author's Name: Jamie Taurima
    About the Author: I am wahine maori who comes from a sub-tribe in Aotearoa called Ngati Pahauwera A lady who find lessons in each path that opens and who has always loved to dream a BIG dream. I have a dream to become an empowering and loving role model for our up and coming generations, for people who need an extra bit of confidence to pursue those dreams! To plant a seed for a garden of plentiful opportunities if you believe. -no dream is ever to big or to small, follow your heart to your biggest desire. I may be the person who wrote this book but my life surrounded by family, friends and complete strangers shaped my journey into what it is today. So to everyone who has crossed my path, thank you All my love xxx


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