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Description of the Book :


“Just Another Girl- a Stranger in a Strange World” is an anthology of twenty poems - a mismatched series of emotions, experiences and introspective adventures that rhyme together. Penned down by the author in various stages of life as she wedged through the internal journeys, external struggles, meaningful reflections and existential crises. From introspective tales and tragic blues written in moments of suffering, to satires on society and cheerful compositions - the book takes you through an emotional roller coaster, which leaves you feeling refreshed and heard.

Just Another Girl - A Stranger in a Strange World

  • About the Author :  Stuti Kakkar
    About the Author :  Stuti Kakkar is currently pursuing Economics Honors from Lady Shri Ram College for Women. Plodding her way through the unrelenting bends and twists of life, and mostly getting lost in the buzzing traffic of Delhi; Stuti is an outspoken feminist, a passionate writer an empathetic social worker and a talkative introvert trapped in a poetic soul. Never really fitting in a stereotypical “type” herself, her poems and writings also talk about anything and everything under the sun, no strings attached. Chances are, and probability confirms, that you will find at least something relatable in her experiences told as poetry. “Just Another Girl- a Stranger in a Strange World” is Stuti’s first poetry book.
    Book ISBN :  9781005480301
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