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Description of the Book:


The world and its ways will always be an enigma. Springs full of flowers and yet no trace of fragrances. Dreams full of stories but none you can recall the next morning. Days full of tasks but none you can call worthwhile. Making sense of it all takes quite a spirit. When a pen shares the burden, it all begins to feel bearable. The pen has documented the world's strangest confessions and truest love stories. The pen is a therapist, a confidante and a writer's greatest friend. Here's to the pen that keeps me sane.

Just a pen caught in the wind.

SKU: 9789360944926
  • Author's Name: Parvathy Rajamohanan

    About the Author: Parvathy believes that her grandmother, mother and father who told, read and suggested amillion stories to a little girl are the ones who are to be blamed for her never-ending love forwords. But the writer in her bloomed when she began replying to letters from her best friendwho had moved miles away from her. The habit stayed till the internet and mobile phonedestroyed it. As fate would have it, she took up the job of a copywriter in advertising and istoday a Creative Director at Ogilvy. One could say, she lives to pen and pens to live.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944926
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