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Description of the Book:

‘July 20’ contains 20 poems about living and its phases with each poem serving its own purpose of existence. Although they have their own themes and contain a special meaning, the book presents them in a particular order to the readers. It essentially talks about hurt and healing and takes the reader to self-discovery.

July 20

  • Author Name: Khushboo Gulzar
    About the Author: Khushboo Gulzar, a college going student, has been writing poetry and prose since her school days. She aspires to become an onco-surgeon but also shows keen interest in writing and exploring various aspects of life and emotions. She likes to go by her alias name ‘Belle âme’ abbreviated to ‘b.a.’ but chose to use her actual name for the book. ‘July 20’ is her first book and marks her birth as writer.
    Book ISBN: 9781005248949


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