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Description of the Book:


If love is the outlook we have on life, then joy becomes the outcome. This compilation of autobiographical poems written by Amy Larsen explores themes of love, hope and joy — not separate from disappointment and heartache, but amongst them. "Joy" is a self written project that brings personal reflection and escapism together, tied with a ribbon and dedicated to you.

Joy: Little poems written by Amy Jewel

  • Author's Name: Amy Larsen
    About the Author: My writing journey began when I was a kid. From about the age of six, I was telling stories through songwriting and journalling my own experiences. Growing up, I loved reading and listening to music because it encouraged me to dive into different kinds of emotions and begin to explore my own through writing. I was born and raised in Toowoomba, Queensland alongside my five younger brothers. I was part of the Class of 2020. I enjoy playing guitar, writing songs, taking photos, going shopping and going on road-trips to places I've never been.
    Book ISBN: 9781385702741


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