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Description of the book


An artist is always looking for an inspiration.  Painter, writer, sketcher all of us are in constant search for that one aspect that gets them creative juices flowing. An inspiration can strike in any way or means. A particularly beautiful sky, the rains, a beautiful muse or in my case a beautiful boat ride on the majestic Dal lake.

Aptly named, the contents of this book have literally been written while I was on a journey. Wherever I looked, I could only spot beauty. Hence I dug out my diary and scribbled away. Most of the poems here are spontaneous and written on the spot with minimal edits, as I wanted to preserve the raw emotions I felt while writing them.

I hope the words have captured atleast half of the beauty I saw with my eyes.

Journeying and Journaling

  • Author Name: Sneha Bhat
    About the Author: Sneha works as a consultant in an IT firm, which is something she enjoys because of its proximity to all the latest technologies. For intellectual and creative stimulation, she spends all of her remaining time either reading or writing.A published author, Sneha has written a book on poetry and coauthored a number of other books. She calls writing her passion and is always scribbling away. She also loves to read, mostly fiction but sometimes historical books as well. A Thousand Splendid Suns and Gone with the Wind are her most favorite books.
    Book ISBN: 9781005656294


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